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About Chrisper

When starting they were mainly producing suits and coats but today the company produces a complete total look collection. The name Chrisper stands for the principal letters in their names, Christoforidou and Periklis. Today also their sons Giorgos and Konstantinos Iosifidis are working in the company and since their presence the brand is starting to expand to other markets. From the beginning the brand enjoyed great success. With over 30 years of experience they still creates “high quality fashion products for real women living real lives”.

A vision becomes reality

Chrisper was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1985. Always having the vision to start our own brand Dimitra Christoforidou was the driving force behind the company. Working as a modelist she convinced her husband Periklis Iosifidis to start their own clothing brand.

Who we are

Chrisper is a female fashion brand with contemporary easy to wear collections. We provide women with a style that doesn’t go unnoticed. Our styles are feminine and vibrant, and we allow our customer to embrace her personality and femininity in an effortless way. We celebrate the sincere and timeless sense of femininity. We create fashion for the woman who wants to look great yet at the same time feel good while enjoying the authentic moments in life. All collections provide a credible quality expressed through attention to great design, comfortable fit, quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. The reputation for creating interesting collections is confirmed by a steady increase in growth each season. Chrisper is an emerging brand to watch!

Our philosophy

An essential part of our philosophy is to maintain a close dialogue with our customers. This gives us the most direct feedback possible on our collections. They are the most important link to the brand constantly inspiring us and in the same time clients feel appreciated and can identify with the brand. To dress the everyday women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes, making them feeling beautiful by creating collections they long to see and also in an affordable price range. “Collections for the everyday woman affordable by everyone”.

Qualiy control

We take a great consideration for our production. In 50 days we take an article from the design table to the shelf. All production is made in Greece and totally controlled by our company. Materials have European origin and all the production is made in compliance with European guidelines for labor environment and consumer protection. Chrisper design for the everyday woman and the way they dress should never hold them back but rather give them self confidence. For this reason each design pass to a fitting process to ensure a comfortable fit that allows movement and liberty. During the entire production process, an internal quality control system is applied to secure that the final product is really worth the customer’s expectations.

Vision - effortless style

We design for the woman who’s life are full of family, career, ambitions. She loves Chrisper for giving her stylish choices without getting distracted as she runs with all the matters she has to take care about every day. Many women face meetings, home, children each day and this may be overwhelming. For this she trust Chrisper since the outfit is the one thing she never needs to worry about. Thus our vision is to give the woman the freedom to be who they are while looking and feeling like the best version of themselves.